Collecting a single response in a survey

You can use a simple question in a survey to collect a single response from a user. By choosing a question format that is specific to the type of information that you are gathering, you can help users provide complete answers.

Tip: To develop your survey more quickly, create questions in bulk.
  1. Click Designer Studio > Case Management > Survey to open the Survey Management landing page.
  2. Click the name of a survey.
  3. Click a question page.
    Tip: To add your question directly to the survey, without the structure of a question page, click + Add survey item instead.
  4. Choose a type of question to add to the question page.
    • To create a new question:
      1. Click + Add question > New.

      2. In the list of answer formats, choose a format based on the type of response users provide.

      3. In the rich text editor, enter the question text.

      4. If the answer format is Picklist, define the choices in the list.

    • To reuse an existing question:
      1. Click + Add question > From library.
      2. Click +Add next to the name of a question.

        Note: This option is disabled for questions with answer formats that are not supported.
      3. Click Add.
  5. Click Save survey.
You can enhance your survey by fine-tuning the settings for question pages and questions.