Portal rules

Use portal rules to create a custom portal layout for a group of users. You can determine:

  • The portal role — User (portals whose users do not update rules) or Developer (portals whose users update rules).
  • The portal type — Custom or composite.
  • The harnesses for the composite portals.
  • CSS styles for the portal window, reports, and user forms.

Composite portals

Composite portals are defined by harnesses and sections. Composite portals are cross-browser compatible and supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers. As a best practice, use composite portals for new development.

Two samples of composite portals are provided: User and Manager.


Use the Records Explorer to list all portal rules available to you.


Portal rules are referenced in the Settings tab of the access group form. Users associated with that access group see the corresponding portal layout.

To view the portal rules referenced by the operators who can access the current application, click Designer Studio > User Interface > Skins, interfaces, & templates and click the Interfaces tab.


Portal rules are part of the User Interface category. A portal rule is an instance of the Rule-Portal rule type.