Base Settings

The Base Settings tab sets the style for container or layout selected in the Component styles tab. Select the Inherit from parent check box to use the parent styles. Inheriting parent styles disables editing of the base settings. The base settings must be edited on the parent skin when a skin inherits from a parent.

Overall font

Select the font family. The font family is the base font family for the header. Select the font size in pixels (px), points (pts), em (the current font size), or percentage (%), font size (pt, em, px percent)

Base tag heading styles

Headings are important to HTML structure and mandatory for accessibility. Headings refer to a page or a section of a page. Headings apply to the layout or container if a title is added in the property panel. The base settings in the skin set the style for the headings. Each container format in the skin can override the default heading styles. Select a style from the drop down menu next to the style name and select a style from the available options.


Use mixin
  • Additional styles — Add additional styles, specific to styling the text for this element, by specifying a CSS attribute and value. You must specify a CSS attribute that is related to text styles. Click Add additional styles to define another CSS attribute-value pair.
Specify styles Select this check box to define a custom background:

Select the background Type:

  • image — Specify the following:
    • Background color — To use the background color specified in a mixin, choose obtained from mixin and then click the gear icon to select the mixin. Alternatively, you can select custom color and enter the CSS hexadecimal value or click the box next to the field to choose a color.
    • Location — Enter the location of the file, including the relative path. For example, images/AlphaCorpLogo.png .

      To search for an image, click the Gear icon to open the Image Catalog tool. Enter any portion of a file name (relative path, file name, or extension) in the Search box, and click Find . If you cannot find the image, make sure it is in the webwb directory.

    • Tile — Specify tile settings for the image. Select None if you want to use a single image; Horizontal if you want a row of images in the background; Vertical , if you want a column of images in the background, or Both , if you want rows and columns containing the image in the background.
    • Position — Specify the placement of the starting tiled image, for example, top left.
  • Additional styles — Add additional styles, specific to styling the background for this element, by specifying a CSS Attribute and Value. Specify only CSS related to background styles. Click Add additional styles to define another CSS attribute-value pair. Click the Delete icon to remove an additional style.


Specify the width of the padding in pixels. Clear the Apply same padding on all sides check box if you want to specify a different amount of padding, in pixels, for Top, Left, Right, and Bottom.