Select application rulesets

Specify one or more unlocked application rulesets and versions that you want to include in the translation package. The rulesets contain field value rules that display application elements such as user forms and portal displays.

The wizard adds rules from the standard user interface rulesets to the TextTranslate.xml file.

Do not use a language-specific ruleset (the ruleset name contains an underscore and a locale setting). For example, if a ruleset was originally in French, do not select one that is localized for English.
  1. Clear the Include application layer rulesets check box to exclude all rulesets from your application layer.
  2. Click the Expand icon to view the ruleset lists.
  3. Clear the check box next to each ruleset to exclude it from the application layer.
    Note: The translation package includes the list of text strings that are used by rules in these rulesets.

    To create your own language pack that includes standard Pega Platform field values, select the only ruleset that does not contain any significant user interface rules that reference field values.

  4. If the wizard finds a rule that does not have localization enabled, select the Unlocked version.

    The choice of version does not limit or affect the list of text strings that need to be translated.

  5. Select the Include all PegaRULES application rulesets check box to include the Pega translation and export for custom translation.

    The following information:

    • Language - The language selected for translation.
    • Language Pack Available? - If the language pack was installed or not.
      • YES - The language pack was not installed when you began the localization process but it was acquired and installed since then.
      • NO - There is no language pack available.
    • Action - Select the Include pega translation and export for custom translation check box if the language pack is not available, or select the Override pega translation and export for custom translation check box if the language pack is available.
  6. Select the Include field value from other rulesets check box to include existing base field values from other rulesets.

    The RuleSet field displays items to be included.

  7. Click Next.

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