Enable records

This step allows you to enable records for translations in unlocked ruleset versions only and is recommended for first-time translations. By enabling the Localize setting for each record, you can enable records for translation into any language. Although records in the Pega Platform are set by default to be translatable, older rules might not be.

If you did not select an unlocked ruleset in the Select application rulesets step, this option is unavailable and you can proceed to the next step.

  1. Click Enable records for translation, to begin the translation process for the selected records.

    A time-stamped report displays the results of the enablement script.

    • Successfully enabled - Number of reports that are now ready for translation export.
    • Already enabled - Number of reports that were already prepared for translation.
    • Errors while enabling - Number of errors encountered during the enablement process.
  2. Click a row from the Errors chart to open the associated rule form in Designer Studio.
  3. Click Next.