Localized properties

The properties that are translated are listed in the following table. Any property not listed here cannot be translated.

Some field value rules might already be defined in the local language pack.

Applies to Name Purpose
@baseclass pyActionPrompt A sentence that represents a longer translated form of a pyActionLabel. It is presented as a tooltip.
@baseclass pyButtonLabel An imperative verb that conveys a command from the user to the application, such as verb that appears on buttons or links to be clicked. Examples of the English forms are Save, Cancel, Submit, Next, and OK.
@baseclass pyCaption An imperative verb or verb plus object that is a request to the user. For example: Select a value, Click to close.

Can also be a single word noun or noun phrase. Typically used for localized versions of field labels in sections and harnesses, and in column headings in reports.

@baseclass pyInstructions Application-specific instructions to a user regarding a human task in a flow. The instructions can appear on a worklist. Typically, these instructions start with an imperative verb and contain no more than six words.
@baseclass pyLabel Short descriptions for the work types (concrete class rules derived from Work- ) in the application.
@baseclass pyMessageLabel Localized alert messages contained in JavaScripts.
@baseclass pyStatusLabel Localized versions of work item status values, such as New, Open, Resolved.