Preparing your application for translation

Before using the Localization wizard, complete the following actions:

  • Test and stabilize the application user interface.
  • If your system was upgraded from PRPC Version 5.2 or earlier, verify that the index reference validation step was performed during the upgrade process. The list of fields for translation is derived from rule references in your application. If the references are not correct or current, some strings might be excluded from the translation package.
  • Verify that the current system locale is the same as your base language in the original application.

    Do not run the wizard in a locale other than your base language.

  • If your application uses text strings that do not create a reference, create base field values in one of your regular application rulesets so that the wizard can include this text in the translation package.
  • Determine which language packs are on your system. To acquire a language pack, contact Pegasystems Global Services.
  • Install language packs before you use the wizard.