About the Refactor on Import wizard

You can use the Refactor on Import wizard to rename classes in a RuleSet archive or product archive as it is imported. This allows you to integrate the imported class structure into the existing class hierarchy on your system. This tool supports merging RuleSets developed by Pegasystems or others into your PegaRULES database.

You specify the .jar or .zip file containing a Pega Platform archive. The wizard displays a listing of the classes in the archive and allows you to specify the names of classes to replace the top-level and Data- classes for rules contained in the *.jar or *.zip file.

Starting the wizard

Select the Designer Studio > System > Refactor > Rules menu item, then click Refactor on Import to start the wizard.

For instructions on using the wizard, see Using the Refactor on Import wizard.


On import, the rules contained in the *.jar or *.zip file, are read into memory, renamed with your specified changes, and then copied to the Pega Platform database. The import archive is not modified. Errors are reported on rules that will not validate when saved, but all rules are saved to the database.

Each use of this wizard is recorded in an instance of the Log-Refactor class, with a key identifying the date and time of the use.

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