The System Management application

Use the System Management application (SMA) to monitor and control caches, agents, requestors, listeners, and other processing in your Pega Platform system.

Consult the System Management Application Reference Guide on the PDN for more information on this utility.


Using the System Management application, you can:

  • Review the memory used by the Java Virtual Machine on the server.
  • Review the most recent ServletRequest and HTTPRequest details.
  • Display the prconfig.xml file.
  • Access any requestor and view the clipboard, start the Tracer, examine performance statistics, and terminate requestor processing.
  • View executing threads and their characteristics.
  • View, stop, cycle, or restart agents and listeners.
  • View open JDBC database connections.
  • View rule cache statistics, and empty the cache.
  • Force extraction and recompilation of the functions in a library.
  • Start or stop remote logging.
  • Observe the utilization of requestor pools supporting stateless services.
  • Review the status of the Java class loader.

Starting the System Management application

From the Designer Studio, select Designer Studio > System > Operations > System Management Application to start the application.

To start the application, from a browser session, enter the URL:


In the above link, hostname is the node (in a multinode cluster) on which the application is installed.


This utility operates on one node at a time, but can access any registered node. Many features can affect the performance and integrity of your system. Restrict access to the System Management application to those with UNIX administration experience.

For Tomcat-based systems, the web.xml and tomcat-users.xml files control access to such servlets. For WebSphere-based systems, the users.props and groups.props files define custom user registries.

For certain download operations, application server authentication might be required as defined for the PegaDiagnosticUser role in the web.xml file. Consult the Installation Guide on the PDN for further information and instructions.

  • This application uses Java Management Extensions and an Mbean facility.
  • The URL for this program is recorded in a Dynamic System Settings data instance, typically set during installation.