Enabling dashboard personalization for a portal

You can use a dynamic container based on sections, so that you do not need a harness to use the dashboard.

  1. Check out the DashboardPortal harness and place the pxUserDashboard section in the harness.

  2. Open the pyCaseManagerLinks Navigation rule and select Check out to edit the rule.

  3. From the page list, select the dashboard harness.

  4. On the Actions tab, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Harness field, enter the harness name that includes pxUserDashboard.

    2. Make sure that the Read Only option is set to No.

    3. In the Data Transform field, enter pxUserDashboardPrepareDisplay to call a data transform.

    4. In the UserDashboardCategory field, assign a dashboard to a category.

    5. In the UserDashboardLabel field, enter a title for the dashboard.

  5. Click OK to close the modal dialog and then click Save before checking in the rule.