A dashboard is a centralized workspace that displays operational information about your application and key performance indicators, such as the number of assigned items or the average time to resolve a case. It can include charts, reports, worklists, and other widgets.

Templates and widgets

Each dashboard uses a template with preconfigured layouts that define the standard size and position of widgets. Several, standard templates are available.

After you apply a template to your dashboard, you can add widgets to each slot to display helpful functions in your application. Slots in a template are shown as gray rectangles in the image above.


Your dashboard is displayed each time that you log on to your application. When personalization is enabled, you can configure your dashboard based on your individual preferences and business needs.

For example, you can add a widget that displays the local weather, or configure your worklist to display items that are available to you and all users in your work group. Additionally, you can share your personalized dashboard with other members of your team.

Click the gear icon to display the Edit dashboard panel and begin customizing your dashboard.