Associating content with a feature in a guided tour

You can associate content with a feature to create a tour stop in a guided tour.

  1. Find and open a guided tour, by searching for it or by using the Application Explorer.
  2. If there are no guided tours available, create one in the User Interface > Guided Tour rule category.

    For more information, see Creating a rule.

  3. On the Definition tab, click + Add tour stop.
  4. In the Tour stop anchor list, select a type of identifier, and then enter an ID in the text field that identifies an application feature.
    • Tour ID - A unique string that you set on the General tab of the Cell Properties panel on the Section form.

    • Custom css selector - A string that you define, which contains a pattern for finding elements on the screen.

  5. In the Title field, enter the text that is displayed above the content for your tour stop.
  6. In the Tour stop section field, press the Down Arrow key, and then select the section that defines your content.
  7. In the Show when list, select an option to control when the tour stop is displayed at run time.
  8. If your tour stop relies on the presecnes of a specific element, select a type of identifier, and then enter an ID for that element in the fields that are displayed.
  9. Optional: To change the order of your tour stop, drag it to a different position on the form.
  10. Click Save.