Integrating a guided tour with your application

You can use one or more controls to integrate a guided tour with your application. By defining the conditions that start, stop, or restart your tour, you can respond to the actions that users take on the screen.

Ensure that the users in your target audience have write permission for the Data-Preference-Operator class, because guided tours do not start unless their history can be recorded.
  1. Add a control to the section that starts the tour.
    1. Find and open a section to start the guided tour, by searching for it or by using the Application Explorer.
    2. On the Design tab of the Section form, add any field, or control, to the section. For more information, see Creating a section based on a design template.
    3. Click the field to edit it.
    4. If you are in full section editing mode, click the Gear icon.
    5. In the Cell properties dialog box, click Change, and then click Other in the Custom control category.
    6. In the autcomplete field, enter one of the following controls:
      • pxGuidedTourAutoStart – Starts the tour one time per user.

      • pxGuidedTourAutoStartOncePerSession – Starts the tour one time per session, to support users who share the same log-in credentials.

  2. Associate the control with your guided tour.
    1. In the Cell properties dialog box, click Parameters.
    2. In the TourClass field, press the Down Arrow key, and then select the class of your guided tour.
    3. In the TourName field, press the Down Arrow key, and then select the name of your guided tour.
    4. Optional: To start the tour every time that the control is diplayed, select the AutoLaunchAlways check box. This option is available for the pxGuidedTourAutoStart control only.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Optional: To support restarting the guided tour, add actions to other elements on the screen.
    1. Follow step 1 to open the Cell Properties dialog box for another section or another element in the same section.
    2. Click Actions, and then click Create an action set.
    3. Click Add an event, and then click the type of event, such as mouse click, that initiates the action.
    4. Click Add an action > All actions > Manage guided tour.
    5. In the Action to take list, select Start tour.
    6. In the Tour applies to field, enter the class of your guided tour.
    7. In the Tour name field, enter the name of the guided tour.
    8. Optional: To restart the tour from the beginning instead of the last visited tour stop, clear the Always continue where left off check box.
    9. Click Submit.
    10. Click Save.