Services landing page

On the Services landing page, you can enable the key decision management services, define the connection between the Pega Platform and decision data nodes that store analytical data from a variety of sources, and monitor the state of each service.

Types of decision management services

Any node that is a part of an outer cluster of the Pega Platform can be a D-Node. The cluster infrastructure detects if there are Pega 7 nodes configured to operate as D-Nodes. The capability of adding D-Nodes to a service is disabled if the nodes are already part of the cluster or if no nodes are configured to be D-Nodes. The Services landing page lists the nodes that can participate in the following Decision Management functional areas:

You can add nodes to each service, display relevant information about the node, and provide the possible actions that can be performed on the node.

For more information about D-Nodes, see the Pega Community article Data Nodes on Pega Platform.