Configuring logger settings

In a development environment, you can enable logging by adding the appropriate logger settings in the prlog4j2.xml file. In a production environment, most standard logging is set to warn and should remain at this level. For more information on log levels, see the Apache Log4j documentation.

  • Open the prlog4j2.xml file and make the necessary edits. This file is located together with the prconfig.xml file. For more information, see Modifying the prconfig.xml file.
  • You can also set log levels in Dev Studio by clicking Configure > System > Logs > Logging level settings and selecting the logger name and level.

In the example provided below, logging is set to show warning messages for System Pulse. You can control the level of logging by setting it to another level.

<Logger name="SystemPulse" additivity="false" level="warn">
	<AppenderRef ref="SECURITYEVENT"/>