Enabling case notifications

Enable email and push notifications for a case type to communicate events such as expired service-level agreements and to call attention to cases that require action. Push notifications are used for mobile devices, and email notifications are used for all devices that support email.

Before you begin: 
If you plan to use push notifications, install your custom mobile app on a device and enable push notifications in the app. For more information, see:

To enable case notifications, do the following actions:

  1. In the navigation panel of Dev Studio, click Case types, and then click the case type that you want to open.
  2. On the Settings tab, click Notifications.
  3. To notify users by email when they are assigned work in a case, do the following actions:
    1. Ensure that the email account in your application is configured to send emails. You can send notifications from an email account named after your workpool or the Default email account.
    2. Select Email user when assignment is routed to worklist.
    3. Optional: In the Email subject field, enter the title of the email by entering a string expression. You can reference property names in the title to make it more dynamic and meaningful, for example, “The case “+.pyID + “ has been assigned to you”.
    4. In the Correspondence template field, press the Down Arrow key and select a correspondence rule that defines the message body for the email notification.
      Tip: To customize the message body, click the Open rule icon and change the message on the Correspondence form.
  4. To send push notifications to users on mobile devices, do the following actions:
    1. To send push notifications when the service-level agreement for an assignment has expired, select Enable push for goal and deadline notifications.

      When the service-level agreement for an assignment expires and at least one escalation action is set to Notify assignee or Notify manager, push notifications are sent to all logged-in devices that contain the custom mobile app.

    2. To send push notifications when work is assigned to a user, select Notify user when assignment is routed to worklist.
  5. Click Save.
All assignments in the case life cycle inherit the notification policy that you select. Notifications are not sent for the following scenarios:
  • The assignment was created before you set the notification policy

  • A user pulls an assignment from a work queue

  • A user transfers ownership of an assignment to another user

  • The assignment is routed to the worklist of the user who is currently processing the case

What to do next: You can override the notification policy at the assignment level by disabling notifications or providing a custom implementation.