Configuring email accounts with the Email Wizard

Email messages are a key part of the business processes that developers build in their Pega Platform applications. You can configure flows to send emails to work parties, including people outside your organization such as customers and vendors. Additionally, incoming email messages can deliver work items such as cases to your business processes.

Use the Email Wizard to create the rules and data objects that are required to manage incoming emails that deliver work to an application and outgoing messages that provide information to customers or other work parties. The wizard sets up an email service for sending and receiving mail. It generates an email account, an email listener data object, and an email service rule.

The data mapping settings in the service rule map the data from incoming messages to standard email properties that your work classes inherit from the Work- base class and map the response with two standard HTML rules. You can then edit the data mapping settings as appropriate for your configuration.

In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > Integration > Email > Email Wizard.