Reusing a field on a form

You can reuse a field on multiple forms in your case type. By referencing the existing fields in your application, you save time and build forms that are easier to maintain.

You cannot add a field to a form more than once.

Tip: Click + Add field and press the Down Arrow key to view a list of standard fields that you can reuse on your form.
  1. In the navigation panel of Dev Studio, click Case types, and then click the case type that you want to open.
  2. On the Workflow tab, click Life cycle.
  3. Click an assignment or an approval step.
  4. Click Configure view.
  5. In the Reuse fields panel, click Fields to display a list of fields that are visible to your case type.
    Tip: Click a complex field, such as a data reference or field group, to view the fields that it contains.
  6. Hover on the Drag handle icon next to a field name and drag it from the Reuse fields panel to your form.
  7. Optional: Change the display mode in the third list that is displayed in the row of the reused field.
    Note: You cannot change the display mode of a field when its value is calculated by an expression.
    • Optional — Users do not need to enter a value in the field to submit the form.
    • Required — Users must enter a value in the field to submit the form.
    • Read-only — Users can view the value in the field but cannot edit it.
    • Calculated (read-only) — Users do not enter values in the field, because a declare expression determines the value at run time.
  8. Optional: Drag the reused field to a new position on the form.
  9. Click Submit.