Flow shapes

A shape in a flow represents a task that a user or application completes as part of a business process. By connecting different types of shapes in a flow, you can define the path that a case follows from creation to resolution.

The following table describes all supported flow shapes. Some shapes are not available for screen flows or flows that you update in the case life cycle instead of the Flow form.

Name Description Icon
Annotation Adds notes or comments to the flow without affecting how the flow runs.

Approval Routes a case to one or more reviewers, based on a user name, reporting structure, or authority matrix.

Assign to robot queue If you are using Robotic Process Automation (RPA),requests a robotic virtual machine (VM) to run a specific automation
Assignment Creates a task in a work queue or worklist so that a user can provide input to the flow.

Assignment Service Synchronously connects your application to an external system to send or receive data and waits for a response before moving to the next step in the flow.

Attach Content Attaches a file, URL, or note to a case.

Change Stage Moves the case to a different stage in the life cycle.

Create case Creates a top-level case or one or more child cases.

Create PDF Creates a PDF file from a specified section and attaches it to the case.

Decision Evaluates an expression or calls a rule, such as a decision tree, to determine which step is next in the flow progression.

Duplicate Search Returns a list of cases that match the search criteria that are defined in the case type.

End Designates the end of flow processing.

Integrator Asynchronously connects your application to an external system to send or receive data and does not wait for a response before moving to the next step in the flow.

Load data page Asynchronously starts loading a data page to reduce the time that a screen takes to load the data page.
Persist Case Converts a temporary case to a permanent object in the database.

Post to Pulse Creates a message that is sent to the Pulse social stream.

Push Notification Sends a notification to an iOS or Android mobile device to indicate that an action is required by the user.
Question Asks the user to answer a simple question, based on the format that you provide.
Question Page Asks the user to answer a group of related questions.  
Run Data Flow Runs a single-case data flow that makes decisions or captures responses.
Save Data Page Saves the data in a savable data page to a system of record.

Send Email Sends an email to one or more work parties.

Send Notification Sends a notification to users over one or more channels based on the logic defined in a notification rule.
Send via DocuSign Sends documents for electronic signatures by using the DocuSign service.
Split For Each Performs the same operation for each item in a list.

Split Join Sends the case to two or more other flows, both of which must finish before the current flow resumes.

Start Designates the start of flow processing.

Subprocess Calls another flow from the current flow.

Survey Asks the user to take a survey, based on the format that you provide.
Swimlane Identifies a group of shapes that are associated with the same organizational unit.

Update a Case Updates the case or all child cases and descendants.

Utility Runs an activity to perform processing that does not require user input.

Wait Pauses an assignment for a specified length of time or until one or more cases reach a specific status.