Screen flows

A screen flow presents a sequence of assignments to one user. You can use a screen flow to supplement the workflow in a case by calling it from the Subprocess shape in another flow.

The following features distinguish screen flows from other types of flows:

  • The ability to jump ahead or go back to different entry points in the flow at run time.

  • Routing options that are configured in the Start shape instead of in individual assignments.

  • User actions that are configured in the Assignment shape instead of in a connector.

  • A single harness that defines the presentation, such as tabs or nodes in a tree, for every step in the screen flow.

  • The ability to branch or call only screen flows.

  • The ability to defer validation until all assignments are completed.

  • The ability to save the progress of the user at individual steps or at the end of the screen flow.

When considering a screen flow in your application, keep in mind that not all shapes are supported and that a screen flow cannot be designated as a starter flow.