Automation configuration

The automation developer configures the automation in Pega Robotic Automation Studio with information about your application. Automations are the components of solutions that contain the processing that is to be done on an assignment in a case.

Provide the following information to the developer:

  • If you using robotic process automation (RPA), the credentials of the administrative operator that registers robotic virtual machines (VM)s.

  • The class name of the case type or UI element that is running the automation. The Pega Robotic Automation Studio developer configures the automation to use this class to retrieve a list of the relevant records that are configured on the case type.

  • The fields within a case type that contain the data that is passed between the automation and your Pega application. These fields must be marked as relevant records.

    For example, your application might contain fields that users can edit and whose values you want to send to the automation, which then sends the information to all the applications that are running on the desktop (for example, First name, Last name, and Email address). These fields must be marked as relevant records.

    Fields that you create for a case type or data type are automatically marked as relevant records. You can also add other fields (properties) that were created in Dev Studio in the Relevant records landing page. For more information, see Adding relevant records.

    After the Pega Robotic Automation Studio developer specifies a class name, the automation retrieves the fields that are marked as relevant records, and the developer can select which of those fields are to be shared.

    Note: You can share scalar data only between your application and an automation.