Robotic automation

You can use robotic automations in your application to automate routine tasks on the user’s desktop and repetitive and unattended back-office activities. By eliminating repetitive tasks that users perform, you can reduce errors, increase the amount of work that is done, and enable users to focus on higher-level, customer-oriented tasks.

Automations are configured in Pega Robotic Automation Studio, and you configure your application to use those automations. You must provide the Pega Robotic Automation Studio developer with information about your application so that the developer can create an automation that accomplishes the required processing.

You can use automations in the following ways:

  • Use robotic desktop automation (RDA) on the user's desktop to share information between your Pega Platform application and the applications that are running on a user's desktop.

  • Use robotic process automation (RPA) to automate back-end processes that do not require manual handling.

You can also configure automations to automatically instantiate cases.