Obtaining information from robotic automations

You can configure data pages to source information from a robotic process automation. By using data pages to obtain information from an automation, you can connect your Pega Platform application to legacy applications in your enterprise. For more information about sourcing a data page with a robotic automation, see the article Using a robotic automation as a source for a data page on Pega Community.

Obtaining information from robotic automations also requires Pega Robot Manager version 5 or later. For more information about Pega Robot Manager, see the article Pega Robot Manager on Pega Community.

  1. In Dev Studio, search for the data page that you want to configure, or create one.
  2. On the Definition tab, in the Data sources section, from the Source list, select Robotic automation.
  3. In the Robotic automation field, enter the name of the case type for which the Assign to robot queue smart shape is configured.
  4. In the Timeout(s) field, enter the value, in seconds, that the data page should wait for the automation to run and return information to the data page.
  5. In the Request Data Transform field, specify the data transform transform that maps your input data to the specified case type. The specified case will be initialized with this data, and the robotic automation can use this data within the logic that is defined on the automation.
  6. In the Response Data Transform field, specify the data transform that maps the response from the robotic virtual machine to the logical data model of your data page.
  7. Configure other data page settings, as appropriate. For more information about data pages, see Data pages.