Upgrading Get Next Work performance

You can run a utility to improve the performance of Get Next Work in querying assignments that were created in versions of Pega Platform earlier than this release.

When you upgrade to this release of Pega Platform and run the utility, the utility populates the new pxRequiredSkillsCount property with the amount of skills that each assignment requires.

It also creates the GetNextWork_UsepxRequiredSkillsCount dynamic system setting and sets its value to true.

Get Next Work performance is automatically improved on new installations.

Note: You do not need to immediately upgrade Get Next Work performance. As older assignments be resolved, newer assignments will have the upgraded performance applied.
  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > System > Release > Upgrade > Upgrade Tools.
  2. In the General Utilities section, click Skill count update for assignments.
  3. Click Run utility.