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System Upgrade landing page

Access the System Upgrade landing page from Dev Studio by clicking Configure > System > Release > Upgrade. For more information about upgrading, see the Pega Platform Upgrade Guide on Pega Community.

After upgrading your Pega Platform database using the Installation and Upgrade Assistant ( PRPC_Setup.jar ), you can use the tabs on this page to complete the modification of your existing applications to the upgraded version:

Pega Platform compatibility with existing applications

When you upgrade your Pega Platform system, the Update Existing Applications tab lists actions that modify existing applications to make them compatible with the release of Pega Platform you are upgrading to. The particular actions depends on the version of Pega Platform you are upgrading from and to.

In the Installation and Upgrade Assistant ( PRPC_Setup.jar ) that you run to upgrade the Pega Platform, you can choose to have the Update Wizard run automatically as part of the upgrade.

  • If this system has been upgraded, but the Update Wizard has not been run, the following message displays:

    Pega Platform was upgraded from <<pyUpgradeFromVersion>>. Please run the Application Update Utility to ensure that your existing Applications will work correctly.

    Click Run to start the Update Wizard.

  • If the wizard has been run automatically or has been run earlier from this tab, the following message displays:

    Pega Platform was upgraded from <<pyUpgradeFromVersion>>. The Application Update Utility was last executed on <<pyUpgradeDate>>. This is an informational message: you do not need to take any action.

  • If this system has not been upgraded since it was installed, the following message displays:

    This is a fresh install of Pega Platform, so the Application Update Utility does not need to be run. This is an informational message: you do not need to take any action.

Potential conflicts with final rules

The Final Conflicts tab lists the rules in this application that have potential conflicts with final rules.

Rules that are marked final can no longer be overridden. If you have custom rules in your applications that override Pega Platform rules that have now been made final, you will not be able to modify them after you upgrade to the new ruleset. However, your existing rules will continue to execute.

When you try to save a rule that overrides a final rule, validation fails and you receive an error message specifying the final rule. To resolve the conflict, you must delete application rules that override final system rules, and replace the functionality in your application with other rules.

Final rule conflicts can also arise when rulesets are moved into a system using the Import Archive tool, when a rule "beneath" a final rule is also marked as final, and in other rare situations.

Database table reports

The Upgrade Applications Schema tab reports whether all the required database tables in the Pega Platform base schema are present in your system. You can review this report after an upgrade or install to confirm that the base system has been loaded correctly.

Click Refresh All to generate a new report evaluating the current state of the system.

The section Missing Pega Platform Shipped Schema lists tables, views or columns that are expected for the Pega Platform release you upgraded to but are missing from your system.

The section Upgrade Rule Tables lists Rule- classes that are not mapped to the expected Pega Platform Rule tables as shipped for the upgrade release.

The Apply Schema feature is available only to users with the ViewAndOptimizeSchema privilege.

Upgrade tools

The Upgrade Tools tab lists utilities that perform specific actions to modify or identify elements of Pega Platform that need to be changed to be compatible with the upgraded release. The particular utilities displayed depend on the version from which you upgraded.

Rule validation

The Validate tab lists the options for revalidating rules after an upgrade.

Click Revalidate For References for limited revalidation to improve the completeness and accuracy of the Referencing Rules display. Click Revalidate and Save to start the bulk revalidation tool to check the validity of multiple rules of one rule type at once.