Case IDs

A case ID is the permanent, unique identifier of a case. You can use case IDs to find cases that are relevant to your application or organization.


Your application generates case IDs in the format [prefix]-[integer]-[suffix].

By default, the prefix is a single character that your application derives from the name of the case type that you provide when you create or import a case type. Prefixes are required but do not need to be unique.

The integer in a case ID increases by one each time that you create a case. Because case IDs are reserved before a case is successfully created, and more than one case type can share a prefix, you cannot use the integer part of a case ID to count the number of cases in your application.

The suffix in a case ID is blank by default because it is optional.

The following example case IDs illustrate the different formats that you can use:

  • C-100

  • MORT-763-K4