Changing the format of case IDs

Change the format of case IDs to help case workers distinguish instances of one case type from instances of another case type.

Choose one or more of the following techniques, based on the type of information that you want to customize:
  • Set the ID prefix in your application definition.

    This approach supersedes any values that you set in an overridden rule, such as a data transform or activity.

    1. In the header of Dev Studio, click [Your application name] > Definition to open the Application form.
    2. Click the Cases & data tab.
    3. In the Work ID prefix field, enter your custom prefix that ends with a hyphen.
    4. Click Save.
  • Set the ID prefix in a data transform.
    1. In the Application Explorer, navigate to the class that defines your case type.
    2. Expand the Data Model section.
    3. Expand the Data Transform section.
    4. Click pyDefault.
    5. On the Definition tab of the Data Transform form, add an action that sets the value of Data-UniqueID.pyPrefix to your custom prefix that ends with a hyphen.

      For more information, see Data Transform form - Set action.

    6. Click Save.
  • Use an activity to set the ID prefix and suffix.
    1. Open the Work-Cover-.GenerateID activity by using the Application Explorer or searching for the rule by name.
    2. Create a specialized version of the activity in the class of your case type.
    3. In the step that calls Work-.GenerateID, clear the Pass current parameter page check box, and then enter literal string values in the IDPrefix and IDSuffix fields.
    4. Click Save.