Configuring run-time settings

You can apply additional JAR file resources to the Hadoop record as part of running an external data flow. When you reference a JAR resource file in the Runtime configuration section, the JAR file is sent to the working directory of the Hadoop record as part of the class path each time you run an external data flow. After an external data flow finishes, the referenced resources are removed from the Hadoop.

  1. Access a Hadoop record from the navigation panel by clicking Records > SysAdmin > Hadoop.
  2. On the Connection tab, navigate to the Run-time configuration section of the YARN section.
  3. Optional: In the JVM field, enter a command-line environment variable that can affect the performance of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  4. In the Classpath field, define the list of JAR file resources that you want to apply to the Hadoop record. Add each path on a new line. A path can point to a file or a folder.
    • To use JAR files uploaded on the Pega Platform, use the dollar sign ($) and braces, {}, to define each path, for example, ${bigdata-platform.jar}
    • To use JAR files from the Hadoop record, use the forward slash (/) mark to define each path, for example, /pig.jar
  5. Click Save.