Connection tab

From the Connection tab, define all the connection details for the Hadoop host.

Note: Before you can connect to an Apache HBase or HDFS data store, upload the relevant client JAR files into the application container with the Pega Platform. For more information, see the Pega Community article JAR files dependencies for the HBase and HDFS data sets.
  1. In the Connection section, specify a master Hadoop host. This host must contain HDFS NameNode and HBase master node.
  2. Optional: To configure settings for HDFS connection, select the Use HDFS configuration check box.
  3. Optional: To configure settings for HBase connection, select the Use HBase configuration check box.
  4. Optional: Enable running external data flows on the Hadoop record. Configure the following objects:
    Note: You can configure the Pega Platform to run predictive models directly on a Hadoop record with an external data flow. Through the Pega Platform, you can view the input for the data flow and its outcome.

    The use of the Hadoop infrastructure lets you process large amounts of data directly on the Hadoop cluster and reduce the data transfer between the Hadoop cluster and the Pega Platform.