Service Package data instances – Completing the New or Save As form

Create a Service Package data instance by selecting Service Package from the Integration-Resources category.

A Service Package data instance has a single key part.
Field Description
Short description Specify a short description that identifies this service package.
Service Package Name Specify a name for this package. Begin the name with a letter, and use only letters, numbers, and hyphens to form an identifier.

Define a unique service package for each service.

As a best practice if your system provides supports many applications and many services, choose a naming convention for service packages. For example, a convention of <application><servicetype><(optional) deployment type> can result in names such as LOANSOAP, LOANEJB2, LOANEMAIL, and LOANHTTP.

For EJB and Java services, this name becomes the Java package name in the generated JAR file.