More about Service Package data instances

Email services

Service Email rules ( Rule-Service-Email rule type) do not require a service package name as a key part. However, to convey access group privileges to email listeners, create a Service Package data instance named EmailDefault.

Stateless processing and pooling

Stateless processing and requestor pooling are appropriate when the client (calling) system handles security, transactions, workflows, and similar aspects of the interface. When you choose Stateless as the processing mode, at runtime Pega Platform:
  • Creates additional requestors only as needed and retains them for reuse, based on information in the Pooling tab.
  • Uses the Service Access Group on the Context tab of this data instance not only to find the service rule, but also for the RuleSet list of the requestor.
You can monitor the operation of a requestor pool using the Administration > Requestor Pools menu item of the System Management application.