Custom search properties

By default, a subset of all the properties in a class instance is indexed and returned in a search. You can specify additional properties to index by creating a custom search property data instance. Including properties in the search index enables you to reference them in report definition rules that query the search indexes. You can include all properties in a class or some of them. Including all properties might affect performance.

You can specify single value, page list, page group, value list, and value group properties. Properties can be stored in the index in a format that is filterable and/or returnable. Filterable properties can be referenced in report definition filters that search the indexes. Returnable properties can be included in the results of report definition queries that search the indexes.

You can also specify which properties are available for full-text search if you want only certain properties to be available.

In addition, you can create and use a dedicated index for this class. Dedicated search indexes are property type-aware, per-class indexes that return the data type of each returned property instead of the default type of string used by the default indexes.


Custom search properties are instances of the Data-CustomProperties-Search class. They belong to the SysAdmin category.