Enabling classes for search indexing

On the Search landing page, for default indexes, you can configure which classes and class instances to index. You can also configure whether to index the contents of attachments. Enable attachment indexing only if your applications provide full-text search of work items. PDF, Microsoft Office, and text attachments are indexed and will be full-text searchable. However, if your application saves work item file attachments in an external enterprise content management system that is accessed through Connect CMS rules, such file attachments are not included in Pega Platform search results.

Before you begin: You must have the pxAccessSearchLP privilege to access the Search landing page.

On the Search landing page, you can also specify the maximum size of attachments to index. Attachments that exceed the threshold are not indexed and are listed in the log file.

Note: By default, properties defined in the Data-Tag-RelevantRecord instance for a class are indexed and returned in search results and do not need to be explicitly configured. If you change the properties defined in the Data-Tag-RelevantRecord instance, you must reindex the class from the Search landing page for the changes to take effect.

You can configure indexing while a Pega Platform server node is operating, however index processing can affect system performance if the indexes are large. As a best practice; choose a time when the server is less busy to perform these one-time processor-intensive operations.

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > System > Settings > Search.
  2. In the Search indexing section, click Default.
  3. Toggle Enable indexing.
  4. Select any of the check boxes in front of the class types to enable indexing for that class:
    • Select All rules to turn on indexing for all Rule- classes.
    • Select All data to turn on indexing for all Data- classes.
    • Select All work to turn on indexing for all Work- classes. Note that work object search is not available in Dev Studio.
    Note: You can skip indexing of specific class instances by clicking Exclude this class from search? on the Advanced tab of the Class form. Excluded instances will not be included in search results.
  5. Select Index attachments to index attachments.
  6. Optional: In the Attachments threshold (MB) field, adjust the maximum size of attachments to be indexed by entering a value, in megabytes.
  7. Click Save Settings.