Checking out a rule to a branch

You can check out a rule to a branch so that you can make changes to a rule and then save it in the branch ruleset. For information about rule resolution for rules saved to a branch ruleset, see Rule resolution exceptions.

Because you cannot make changes to rules in a locked ruleset, you can check out a rule to a branch in your application, make changes, and then check the rule in to your branch. You can also perform a private checkout.
  1. In the ruleform toolbar click Check out to branch, if available. Otherwise, click the arrow on the Private edit button and select Check out to branch.
  2. From the Branch list, select a branch and click Check out to branch.
    The system saves a copy of the rule to the selected branch ruleset and then checks it out.
  3. Modify the rule as appropriate.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Check in the rule. For more information, see Checking in a rule.
    Note: You do not have to check in your changes immediately. You can log out and return to a checked-out rule later or click Discard to remove the rule from your personal ruleset.

    If you discard the checked-out version, the original copy of the rule remains in the branch ruleset.