Performing a private checkout

You can perform a private checkout of a rule that is unavailable for you to regularly check out, for example, if the ruleset is locked. You can also check out the rule to a private branch so that you can modify the rule, test it, and then check it back into the development branch.

Note: Checking in a private edit to a branch could result in loss of work if another user checked in changes to the same rule. You receive a warning message if your check-in would result in lost work.
  1. In the rule form click Private edit.
    The Private edit button appears when all the following criteria are met:
    • The rule is not available for regular checkout, usually because it is already checked out to another user or because its ruleset version is locked.
    • You have the pxAllowPrivateCheckout privilege, which is typically granted through a role on your access group. The standard access role PegaRULES:SysAdm4 provides this privilege.
    • The rule belongs to a ruleset that has the checkouts enabled.
    • Your Operator ID is allowed to check out rules. For more information, see Security tab on the Operator ID form.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, click Continue with private edit to confirm that you want to perform a private checkout.
    The system saves a copy of the rule in your personal ruleset. Rules in your personal ruleset will not affect other users’ runtime experiences or actions that they can perform on this rule.
  3. Modify the rule as appropriate.
  4. Click Save. Your changes are saved into the checked-out version and are visible only to you. When you run rules in your application, they resolve to your checked-out version.
  5. Optional: Save your changes into a development branch or an unlocked ruleset:
    1. In the rule form click Check in.
    2. Select the branch or ruleset where you want to save your changes.