Configuring the rule check-in approval process

To turn on controlled check-in for a ruleset, complete the following tasks:

  1. Enable checkout features for the ruleset by selecting the Use check-out? box on the Security tab of the ruleset form.
  2. Enable the checkout feature for each development team member by selecting the Allow rule checkout box on the Security tab of each member's Operator ID form.
  3. On the Security tab of the ruleset form, specify both key parts of the flow that is to control the rule check-in approval process. Specify the flow's work class in the Work class used for approval process field and the name of the flow in the Work flow to use for approvals field. Your system includes a standard work type Work-RuleCheckIn, standard properties and activities, and a standard flow named ApproveRuleChanges to use for this feature. You can use the standard rules as is, or copy and adapt them.
  4. Review (and override if desired) the standard decision tree named Work-RuleCheckIn.FindReviewers to identify the work queues used in this flow. If overriding the standard rule, create the new decision tree in the ruleset and version being developed by the team.
  5. Update the access group associated with those reviewers you want participating in the rule check-in approval process to include the standard Work-RuleCheckIn work pool in the access group's Work Pools list.
  6. Create a work queue named ReviewChanges@ or others identified in the decision tree. Update the Operator ID data instances for each reviewer to allow them to access the work queues.
  7. Associate the standard access role PegaRULES:SysAdm4 (or another role with the privilege Rule-.UpdatePrivateRuleSets ) with each Operator ID data instance who will approve check-ins.
  8. Update the standard ruleset CheckInCandidates (version 01-01-01) to identify an appropriate prerequisite RuleSet.
  9. Add this ruleset (version 01-01-01) to the access group of those developers who are to approve check-ins.
  10. For each version you want to enable with this process, select Yes in the Approval Required field on the Versions tab of the ruleset form.