Rule check-in process

The optional rule checkin facility allows you to use a Pega Platform flow rule to manage change to your application. Use this facility to coordinate the efforts of large development teams or to control changes to sensitive applications.

See Configuring the rule check-in approval process for information about setting up controlled check-in for a ruleset.

When this facility is in force for a ruleset version, the flow starts when a developer begins rule check in.

The flow creates a work item that is routed to a work queue, waiting for an approver to review.

The approver might approve the check-in (which completes the check in), reject it (which deletes the changed rule), or send it back to the developer for further work.

Assignments corresponding to rules awaiting evaluation are held in the [email protected] work queue.

Multiple rules can be associated with one work item. The flow rule notifies affected parties by email about evaluation results.

When uploading approved rules, select the following Import Options: Compile Libraries , Overwrite Existing Rules , Overwrite Existing Data .

You can enhance this process to meet local requirements in various ways. For example, certain empty (dummy) activities are called by this flow; your application can override these with desired processing. See Standard activities — Extension points.