Creating a new data type

Data types can be referenced from cases. For example, you can add a data type and all its fields to a form when you click Configure view for a step.

  1. Select Data in the navigation panel.
  2. Select Add data type from the dropdown menu at the top right of the explorer.
  3. Select New Data Type.
  4. Enter a label and description for the data type. This information is required.
  5. Click Advanced to display additional fields.
    • Parent Class (Directed) - By default, the new data object type inherits from the enterprise data layer. You can select a different object type.
    • Identifier - The system uses the parent class and the display name to create the data type's identifier.
    • Choose app layer - Select either the framework or an application layer in which you want to create the data type.
    • Add to ruleset - Required. Select the ruleset in which you want to create the data type.
  6. Click Submit.