Configuring the context for rules related to a data type

You can set the context for new rules that are related to a data type. The options that you set are maintained for that data type on a per thread basis. When you close and reopen the data type in the Data Designer, you must reset these options.

  1. Click the Data icon in the navigation panel to display the Data Explorer.
  2. Click the data type for which you want to set the context.
  3. In the Data Designer, click the Settings tab.
  4. In the General section, enter a description of the data type if a description has not been entered.
  5. Click Context defaults, and configure the context for rules that are related to the data type.
    1. Select a development branch if you want to create new rules in a branched version of the ruleset.
    2. Select the application layer in which to create the rule.
    3. Specify the ruleset and version to which to add the rule.
    4. Select the context for updating rules.
      • If you select Use new rule context, the system uses the settings that you specified in the Context for updating new rules section.
      • If you select Use context of rule, you can specify a development branch, and the system uses the current context (application and ruleset information) of the rule to update it.