Adding a custom field

Associating custom fields with rules provides a flexible way to supplement your application with metadata, such as a change order number or log file attachment.

To add a custom field, do the following.

  1. Click the History tab of a rule form.
  2. Click Add Field to open the Add custom fields dialog.
  3. Choose a name from the list of properties to populate the Name field. Alternatively, enter a string (letters and digits only) directly in this field to create a new property with the specified name.
  4. If you entered a string in the Name field, select a Type for the property. For existing properties, this field is populated and read-only.
  5. From the RuleSet version drop-down box, select the appropriate ruleset version.
    • For properties of Type File:
      1. Enter a brief description of the file in the Description field.
      2. Select the New or Existing radio button to indicate how you will provide the file.
      3. Click Browse to upload a file from your local system. The file you specify becomes an instance of Rule-File-Binary.
      4. Click the Pick a file button to select a file previously linked to this property.
    • For properties of Type Text:
      • Enter text to pair with the property in the Value field.
      • Alternatively, click the Open icon to select a value previously applied to this property.
  6. Click Submit to close the dialog.
  7. Click Save in the rule form header to persist your changes. The Custom Fields list is automatically updated by the rule form.