Viewing rule history

You can view the saved history of a rule to see when it was changed and by whom. You can also compare the current version with a previous version or restore a previous version of a rule for testing purposes, or if the current version is faulty.

  1. Open a rule form, click the History tab, and then click View full history.
  2. Click the Pencil icon next to a history record to see a previous version this rule instance.
  3. Optional: To make an older copy of the rule become the current copy, click Restore on the rule form. For more information, see Restoring the earlier state of a rule.
  4. Optional: To compare rule versions, select any two versions of the rule from the table and click Compare. For more information, see Comparing rule versions on the History tab.
  5. Click History For All Versions to see the history of all versions of this rule with the same name, ruleset, and circumstance qualification, if any. To return to the original display that show showing only the history of this open rule, click History of Version NN-NN-NN.
    Note: The History For All Versions button is not displayed for class rules ( Rule-Obj-Class rule type) and a few other rule types. Class rules have an associated version field, but do not belong to a single specific ruleset version.