Unversioned propositions

The unversioned propositions that are listed on the Unversioned proposition data tab on the Proposition Management landing page are data instances of the group data class.

Unversioned proposition offer a flexible mechanism for the type of input values that require frequent changes without having to adjust the strategy. Changes to the values of data instances become directly available when you update the instance. These records can be a simple list of values (typically, this is the case with global decision parameters), or a set of values that are available in a specific context (for example, proposition parameters and channel centric parameters).

Unversioned propositions are used in strategies through the decision parameters component. Their values are typically defined by business users in the Decision Manager portal, but this functionality is not limited to the portal and can be used in Dev Studio as well.

Note: Unversioned propositions are not supported in proposition management in multitenant instances of Pega Platform and the proposition cache is disabled. To use unversioned propositions in a multitenant system, convert them to verisioned propositions. On single tenant systems, you can disable unversioned propositions by setting the DisablePropCache Dynamic System Setting to true.