Adding an unversioned proposition

Follow these steps to create propositions that are stored in the system as data instances. In Pega Decision Management, a proposition is anything that can be offered to a customer. This can include things like advertisements, products, offer bundles, or service actions. Whatever is presented to the customer as the Next-Best-Action is called a proposition.

To add a proposition, complete the following steps:

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > Decisioning > Decisions > Proposition Management > Hierarchy.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the New Proposition modal dialog box, enter the proposition name, description, business issue, and group.
  4. Optional: For the Active property, select the radio button that defines the proposition validity:
    • Always - Makes the proposition permanently active.
    • Never - Makes the proposition inactive (that is, disabled).
    • Within a defined time period - Makes the proposition active within a particular time frame. Specify the Start Date and End Date properties. The type of these properties is DateTime.
    Note: The default setting is Always.
  5. Define additional properties, depending on the scope of the proposition.
  6. Click Submit to create a proposition or click Submit & add new to create this proposition and continue adding more propositions.

You can view the newly added propositions on the Unversioned proposition data tab of the Proposition Management landing page.