Comparing simulation tests

You can compare outputs of two simulation tests in Pega Visual Business Director (VBD). For example, by comparing different strategies, you can determine the strategy that best fulfills your business requirements. By simulating different strategies you can also assess how modifications in your product offering can affect product sales.

Before you begin: 
  • Make sure that you configured at least one simulation test that has the Completed status and an output of type Visual Business Director. This simulation test is the reference data source for the new simulation test. For more information, see Creating simulations.
  1. In Customer Decision Hub, click Simulation Testing.
  2. Create a duplicate of an existing simulation test that has a Visual Business Director output by performing the following actions:
    1. In the Action column, for the simulation that you want to duplicate, click Manage > Duplicate.
    2. In the Strategy section, click Configure and select a different strategy.
      The output of this strategy is later compared to the output of the reference strategy in Visual Business Director.
    3. In the Assign output destinations section, change the existing output assignment to a different output of type Visual Business Director.
    4. Select Submit and run to process the new simulation test.
      When the processing finishes, the simulation test status changes to Completed. For more information, see Duplicating strategies.
  3. In the Assigned reports section of the simulation test that you just completed, click the name of the Visual Business Director output to open it.
  4. Expand the Reference data source drop-down list on the right and select the Visual Business Director output of the original simulation test to compare the new simulation test against the reference simulation test.
  5. In the Data mode section, select the Delta check box.
    The delta view provides the most visually informative overview of the effect of the new simulation test as compared with the reference simulation test. For example, you can view how the introduction of a new product bundle affects your existing product offerings (for example, in terms of sales, the number of times a specific product is being offered to a customer, and so on).