Filtering simulation tests

You can filter through simulation tests in Customer Decision Hub to quickly find the simulation tests that you need, for example, to create a duplicate of an existing simulation test. You can filter simulation tests by input, application revision, or operator.

  1. In Customer Decision Hub, click Simulation Testing.
  2. Above the simulations list, configure the search pattern to view the required simulations by completing any of the following fields:
    • To search by the input or strategy that is used to run the simulation test, enter the Strategy / Input field with a valid strategy or input ID, for example, RandomOffers, CustomerDS, and so on.
    • To search by revision number, enter the Select revision field with a valid revision ID, for example, MyNet:01-01-02.
    • To search for simulation tests that were run by a specific operator, expand the Last run by drop-down and select one of the following options:
      The default setting. View simulation tests that were last run by any operator.
      Display simulation tests that were last run by you.
      View all simulation tests that were run by a specific operator. When selected, you must provide a valid operator ID for the operator whose simulation tests you want to view.
    Note: The search pattern is processed starting from the leftmost condition.