Defining SFTP-related data instances

If you are run BIX in the Pega Cloud, you can either obtain BIX extract files from the Pega SFTP server or have the extract files sent to your SFTP server. If you want BIX extract files to be sent you your SFTP server, you must create an SFTP-related data instance.

Before you begin: This functionality is available when you purchase and install the BIX application.
  1. Set up an SFTP site in your domain (if one does not already exist). Define a relative path on the destination SFTP site where the files will be sent by configuring the BIXFTPRelativeRemotePath Dynamic System Setting.
  2. In Dev Studio, configure the SFTP Server data instance BIXFTPServer on the Environment tab to point to your SFTP site.
  3. Configure the Authentication Profile data instance BIXFTPAuthProfile with the login credentials of the SFTP Server, and save the instance.
  4. Click Test Connectivity in BIXFTPServer to verify the configuration and save this instance. See About FTP Server data instances. See Developer Help topic About FTP Server data instances.
  5. Configure the Service Package data instance BIXFTPServicePackage with the operator’s access group and save the instance.
  6. Open the File Listener BIXFTPListener, clear the Block Startup check box, and then save the instance.
  7. From Admin Studio, verify that the BIXFTPListener file has been started.
  8. Optional. Manually run an Extract rule to test the BIX extraction process and verify successful receipt of the extract file at your SFTP site. When running a manual test, define filter conditions in the Extract rule to ensure that only a small number of class instances are extracted.