BIX in Pega Cloud applications

If you are licensed to run BIX, a separate node is set up for running batch processes such as BIX, when your Pega Cloud instance is provisioned. This node does not participate in the load-balancing of end-user sessions, which minimizes the effect of BIX processing on production performance.

Note: BIX in the Pega Cloud is not supported in a multitenant environment.

There are several key differences between a customer running BIX onsite versus running BIX in a Pega Cloud instance:

  • Direct access to the Pega Cloud server file system is not allowed, and BIX cannot be run from an external command-line process.
  • You can either obtain the extract files from the Pega SFTP server or the extract files can be sent to your SFTP site. All extract files from a BIX run are compressed and delivered as a single .zip file whose name consists of classname, extractname, and sequence number.

Database output format Dynamic System Settings

If you are outputting to a database, you can configure the target database and select the output formats for the manifest on the File Specification tab. If you select database as the manifest output format, the manifest and data are written to the manifest tables. If you select XML/CSV as the manifest output format, the manifest and data files are written to different locations based on the following DSS settings.

Note: Starting with Pega Platform 7.3, S3 is the default output location for new customers. You do not need to change the DSS settings. If you upgrade from a prior version and want to continue to use a shared path, use the DSS settings to do so.
  • The output goes to a shared path if the BIX/useCustomersSFTP DSS is set to true and the location of the shared path is configured in the BIX/sharedPath DSS.
  • The output is written to S3 if the BIX/useCustomersSFT DSS is set to false. This is the recommended setting. The default output location is /bix/ and should not be changed.
Note: For Pega Cloud applications, BIX is an add-on service that Pega configures if you choose it as part of your subscription. For on-premises applications, BIX is available when you purchase and install the BIX application.