Sample ant build files

The following sample Ant build files execute a call to the ExtractImpl class referencing an Extract rule in the Pega Platform database. The BIX distribution also contains a sample BAT script that calls a similar file.

See the readme.txt file in the BIX distribution directory for details on all of the files included in the distribution directory.

sample Ant script


  1. Set the ARGLINE Ant property to the pxInsName of the Extract rule you wish to execute.
  2. Java call of the ExtractImpl class.
  3. JVM arguments to set the JVM memory parameters.
  4. JVM arguments to set system properties specifying the location of the prconfig.xml and prlog4j2.xml files.
  5. Set the classpath to include the JAR files in the BIX distribution's lib directory.
  6. ExtractImpl parameters: -i switch with the pxInsName of the Extract rule as set in the ARGLINE property.
Note: For Pega Cloud applications, BIX is an add-on service that Pega configures if you choose it as part of your subscription. For on-premises applications, BIX is available when you purchase and install the BIX application.