Database administration and performance

You can make changes to database tables to support your Pega Platform needs. Because Data-Admin-DB-Table and Data-Admin-DB-Name instances control how the Pega Platform finds objects within the Pega Platform database, changes to the database table structure must be coordinated with changes to these data instances.

Note: Database accesses that support service rules and escalation depend on the current date and time setting on the database server. Make sure that the date and time of the database server are synchronized with the date and time on the application server node or nodes.

See the following Pega Community articles for more information about database administration tasks:

  • How to estimate disk space requirements for a PegaRULES database (Oracle)
  • How to compress the BLOB values in the PegaRULES database
  • How to remove an unneeded BLOB column
  • Use the Pega-RULES agent to purge selected database tables regularly