Table growth

In production settings, some tables are likely to grow to contain 100,00 or more rows. It is useful to monitor these tables to know when to adjust the amount of tablespace.

The tables are:

  • pr4_perf_usage – Supports system usage reporting
  • pr_log – Other logs
  • pc_history_work – Used for work item history
  • pr_history_data – Used for data object history
  • pc_index_workparty – Used for work party identifiers
  • pc_data_workattach – Used for attachments to work items
  • pc_link_attachment – Used for attachments to work items
  • pr_data – Used for work item parties, outgoing email
  • pc_work or similar tables, which store work items.

The following tables typically show stable or slowly growing row counts:

  • pr4_rule_* – Rules
  • pc_assign_* – Assignments (not pr_assign )
  • pr_sys_* – System tables
  • pr4_base – Foundation rules
  • pr4_history_rule – Rule change history